With a love of learning and education, Rene has dedicated himself to gaining the skills and experience he believes are needed to apply anthropology to public health practice.

Now having earned an MA, MPH, and graduate certificate from the University of South Florida he is now serving his community as an educator at Estrella Mountain Community College and as an epidemiologist for Coconino County in Arizona.

Rene has pursued additional training and is a graduate from American Express Leadership Academy at the ASU Lodestar Center where he learned of best practice approaches to leading and managing nonprofits and from the Valle del Sol Hispanic Leadership Institute where he learned how unique and valuable his particular cultural experience can be.

Rene believes in using his work to make a positive impact in the community. This reflects his character strength in citizenship, teamwork, and loyalty. Rene sees himself as part of many communities of varying sizes, connected by a web of shared geography and sociocultural identities. From this perspective Rene has made a personal commitment to position himself in professional and service roles that have a positive social benefit.

In a professional capacity, Rene has worked as a personal trainer, group exercise coach, nonprofit manager and supervisor, health educator, educator, and researcher.